Freedom 12 Accelerated Income Strategy With Forsage Smart Contract Ethereum Earning Opportunity

The US Gov’t in three separate “Care” bills gave millions and billions to millionaires and billionaires and crazy big
corporations but only $1200 to each citizen! Many small businesses had to close while big ass “Big Box” stores like
Walmart, Target and such are making a killing providing groceries and other essentials. Many of those businesses won’t open again. Many people lost their jobs and couldn’t get unemployment benefits. This sort of scenario is playing out in major established G20 countries the world over! Where this is all headed nobody knows.

As for you though. You don’t have to sink with the rest of everybody suffering from all this.


FORSAGE Has Paid Out More Than $50 Million In Its First Three Months And $1 Million More EVERY DAY….


July 6th 2020July 8th 2020
Please note something remarkable which will get you to see clearly why you need to jump on board now…

In exactly five months Forsage paid out $82,662,784 to members. Between the 6th and the 8th of July Forsage paid out an additional 6,464,942.00!

So the first 150 days or so Forsage paid out about $550,000 per day. Between the 6th and the 8th (two days) Forsage paid out about 3.2 million per day!

You are most definitely in the right place at the right time!

It’s a real phenomenon because it works. It is very solid. It is decentralized, proven and you will succeed if you follow our Freedom 12 Accelerated Income Strategy as you see described in this video just below this one.

First though let’s cover the basics of what it is


Freedom 12 Accelerated Income Strategy

Get started for only .05 Eth (roughly $15 or so) by CLICKING HERE
Then watch this video below for the step by step instructions on how to sign up.

Are you signing up on your laptop or desktop computer? This first video will give you the instructions. If you are signing up using your smart phone then you need to watch the second video below…

But first here is the shortest version of how to do this in case you are more familiar with this kind of system…

  1. Install a Trust wallet for Mobile or Metamask wallet for Laptop or desktop.
  2. Fund the wallet with Ethereum.
  3. Join Forsage.
  4. Make your payment for your starter levels.
  5. Get your own link and share with others.
  6. Make money! Make More Money! Make Even More Money!

Using Trust Wallet On Your Smart Phone To Join FORSAGE